Stuart Clark Papers

Stuart Clark is the great, great grandson of William and Jane Clark of Clark Road, Durban. He is the author of “The Clarks of Clark Road – The story of the family of William Clark of Clark Road, Durban”.

The Stuart Clark papers consist of all of the materials that he collected in the course of compiling the information that ended up in his book. This information consists of photographs obtained from the Durban Local History Museum, family members, and a variety of publications; photographs taken in graveyards in the Kirklington, Yorkshire, area; newspaper cuttings and articles; obituaries; notes of interviews with family members, a tape recording of one such interview, extracts from sources used in writing the book and cited in the book; and research notes (e.g. of names in the West Street Cemetery in Durban, which is a veritable treasure trove of Clark family history). Also included are photographs taken at the two family gatherings that were held in Durban in the early 1980’s, for the purpose of gathering and preserving family information and engendering interest in a book about William and Jane’s family.

Also included in the Stuart Clark papers is research into the following families:

  • Levi Norman Evens (b. Preston, Lancs., June 13, 1893)
  • William Craig (b. ?, d Collace, Scotland, July 30, 1869)

As with John Frank Clark’s papers, the plan is to publish some of these papers on this web site, and a complete collection in hard copy. Watch this space for further news! And if any family members have materials to contribute, please contact us at the address set out elsewhere on the web site.