Clark Gathering

Attendees at Clark Family Gatherings

In 1980 and 1983 gatherings were held of descendants of William and Jane Clark, as part of an effort by Robin “Nobby” Clark and Stuart Clark to engender interest in a book on the family, and to collect photographs, memorabilia, and information for possible inclusion in a book. These gatherings were held at the Durban High School Old Boy’s Club in Durban North, and attracted descendants of all of William and Jane’s children except Ann Jane Wade.

One of the features of the first gathering was a giant family tree, written on a roll of three foot wide poster paper and draped around the walls of the functions room, which contained what was then known of the family tree. Almost all of that information had been obtained from interviews in the 1970’s with William and Jane’s grandchildren (and children of Robert) Cyril Clark, Victor Clark, and Amelia (“Minnie”) Douglas (nee’ Clark). Those present at the gathering were provided with pencils, and invited to annotate their respective branches to fill the gaps between the generation of William and Jane’s children and the generation represented by their great grandchildren. The detailed family trees appended to “The Clarks of Clark Road” constitute the completion – to the extent possible – of that exercise.

The family representatives present at those gatherings were the following:

George Clark Branch:

  • Clive Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Barry and Phillipa Clark (1980)
  • Beverly Muller (nee’ Clark)(1980)
  • Bronwen Kort (nee’ Clark)
  • Dennis Clark (1980)
  • Gordon Clark (1983)
  • Greg Larsen (great-grandson of Edith Burden, nee’ Clark)(1980)
  • Irene Clark (1980)
  • Leonard and Joy Clark (1983)
  • Rosemary Bonnin (nee’ Clark) and Philip Bonnin (1980)
  • Wilfred Clark (1980)

William Clark Branch:

  • Aubrey and Noel Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Kenneth Clark (1980)
  • John Swan and Sue Swan (nee’ Clark)(1983)
  • Donald Hain and Brenda Hain (nee’ Clark)(1983)
  • Gwen Sanders (nee’ Clark)(1980)

Joseph Clark Branch:

  • Edith Ball (widow of Leslie Royal Clark)(1980)
  • Robin (“Nobby”) Clark and Glenis Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Catherine Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • John Irvine and Jean Irvine (nee’ Clark)(1980)

Robert Clark Branch:

  • Cyril (1980) and Gladys Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Victor Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Minnie Douglas (nee’ Clark)(1980)
  • Ashley and Isabel Clark (1980)
  • Lester and Helen Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Peter and Gill Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Anthony Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • George and Daphne Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Stuart and Rene’ Clark (1980 and 1983)
  • Murray Clark (1980)

John Thomas (“Jack”) Clark Branch:

  • Elsie Clark (widow of Reginald Sidney Clark)(1983)
  • G. Rust and Jennifer Rust (nee’ Clark)(1983)
  • Jonathan Clark(1983)